Location and atmosphere

Our actions are fruits of all our experiences, this enrichment is ceaseless.

The center Hammam Arts also joins in this principle.


Place of well-being

A unique place

Hammam Arts is a place of unique well-being where we find refuge in the respect for the sensibilities of each. All your senses are requested, with your rhythm, in a warm, professional and natural atmosphere. Plunge into the universe Hammam Arts!

Worth knowing for your visit


Travel Hammam

Internal space 400 m ²

Hammam-filigramme1Traditionnal Hammam

(Steam bath)

Of Greco-Roman origin :

– Tépidarium 33°C, big soft room, where we rest(base) on the hot stone, preheats the body.

– Caldarium 45°C, its heat and its gasolines(essences) cleanses body and spirit.

* Inescapable care: exfoliating scrub in the glove ( silky skin).


salle-de-repos-2-filigramme1Break room

Essential recovery, where the peace of mind of the room allows to capitalize the benefactions of Baths and care.







TheVert-filigramme1Tea room

During or after your route, savor a mint tea or other drinks, at the heart of the Art gallery, convenient to the exchange.






Travel SPA 800 m ²

Internal space 400 m ² + internal space


Big Spa bath

Real session of hydrotherapy. The power of the hydrojets and the aéro-jets will relax you totally.









Real Finnish Sauna 85°C

Spacious chalet wood, realized according to the technical advice of a Finnish doctor, in perfect respect at the origin of the sauna. Dive into a bath of dry heat, in steams afforested, convenient to the meditation, the muscular recovery, the elimination of the stress and fatigue …





Douche ÉcossaiseScottish shower

For brave and brave, in complement in your session of sauna!








Terrace – Solarium

Little piece of heaven, convenient to the Idleness, lengthened on a sunbathing, rocked by the streaming of the water …








To perfect your session, numerous care are possible by our professionals’ team: exfoliating scrubs, massages, care energetics, management of the stress, relaxation therapy …







Soin Hydrothérapie

Care Hydrotherapy

Under a soft rain of hot water, receive the benefactions of a relaxing massage: the massage under affusion! Release taken intense.







The coffee, his art gallery and his shop

Convenient to the cultural exchange, the center makes available artists its space of exhibition (21 m shelf spaces).Celui-ci est ouvert à tout public pour s’y poser, observer, contempler ou se désaltérer : nombreuses bières belges, thé à la menthe, jus, champagnes et vins… 

Concerning shop, we selected for you biological, quality products: oriental, cosmetic products, oil, a big diversity of incenses, articles bound to the well-being … of which to please you or to please!

You can take advantage of a small corner(place) of freshness or of a sunbathing(sun top) in the beautiful days thanks to the terrace shaded in a green and peaceful setting, at the heart of the Drôme of hills.






We chose to surround ourselves with a professional team compound of practitioners qualified in various relaxing types of massage. If all these beautiful people are a member of our team, it is above all, because they are fascinated and lavish their care heartily; condition sinéquanone for Hammam Arts.

Vignette Gilles/VirginieGilles Maroux: manager of the center Hammam Arts.

Relaxation therapist and practitioner in relaxing care. He practises the body and energy care since 1987, the relaxation therapy, in a group and in individual, since 1994.
He realizes ” a long-time dream ” by creating the center Hammam Arts in 2004: a center where each, the time(weather) of a bracket, has the possibility of optimizing its well-being, of finding balance and serenity. He(it) meets Virginia there in 2009.


Awarded a diploma by esthetics, practitioner in relaxing and energy body care since 2001. Together, they ally their even “passion” and their skills to bring you the best for your Greater well-being.

Gilles's word


Our actions are fruits of all our experiences, this enrichment is ceaseless: the center Hammam Arts also joins in this principle.

In a synthetic way, from my earliest childhood, I notice and observe the behavior of the Man, his “strengths” and his “weaknesses”. Since 1982 year of my 20 years, I am interested in certain tools which can allow to optimize our capacities, our well-being, to improve and to clean up our relational plans to ourself as well as others. For my 20 years, I sharpen my tools: meditation, relaxation therapy, massage, socio-psychology, conferences, internships, pounds and meetings feed my appetite.

« Rêves ta vie, vis tes rêves », It is in 2004* that the center Hammam Arts is born, sets shape.

” Feet on earth, the head in the sky “, this center for me is an invitation to take time, to be spoiled, to meet the Other one, to grow rich of our differences, to request all our senses positively, to make the space, only, between friends, with his family … Our lives are beautiful but tempestuous, number of times we catch saying ” I do not have time “, how many depressions, how many “BURN OUT”, how many antidepressants, anxiolytics,de « mal-à-dire » (MAL- A- DIE) en résultent. Many of these troubles can be avoided or limited simply by respecting itself, by recovering, by taking of ” time for one “.

Hammam Arts, a success for me. More than 90 000 people came to settle, be spoiled by taking time; we can good-safe, to repeat and to continue to make him … ” I do not have time! “. The death is there to remind us that we are not eternal, every second of our life is precious. I think that to take care of one is a responsible approach(initiative), which contributes to improve our autonomy, in life, in the world.

The maxim of the place : « TEMPORIS SEMSUM DARE » : Give meaning to Time by giving of time to the Senses.

*Thank you !

If this place exists, one thank you in life and in all these beautiful people: my mother, my father, Denis, Raphaël, Charles, Bernard, Of Annie, Of Greg, Rosalie, Jean-Louis, Serge, Of Thierry, Jeannot, Yvan, Jacquot …

Inspiration: my grandfather, the Llama Teunsang, Master Ueshiba, Alain Duhayon, Jacques Salomé, Has. Caycedo, J.Claude Bénistand, Christian Gagnaire, Robert Clergerie, Arnaud Desjardin and all the brilliant beings which are no more this world but which accompany us to the everyday life …

To all friends Artistes who make us dream by sharing their passion within the Art gallery of the hammam.

To all the people who compromised, who compromise and who will make up the team. These always have a common point: they are fascinated and lavish their care by being good-hearted in the hands.

You, ” the customers “, one thank you for your loyalty, or your first visits … Together we can cultivate and make bloom themselves the real values, the beautiful values of exchange, respect, responsibility, tolerance, HUMAN values. In front of torments of the everyday life, it is not any more a luxury!


Our thoughts and our acts condition our life. We can go to more consciousness.


Lovingly your.